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Naveen Andrews At The Season 2 Premiere Of Lost In Hawaii, The Season 1 DVD Release Party And More


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Naveen William Sidney Andrews was born on 17 January 1969 in
London, England. Naveen attended London's Guildhall School of Music and Drama.
In 1993 this talented actor was nominated by the Evening Standard Drama Awards as Most Promising Newcomer for his part in Wild West. For the BBC's The Buddha of Suburbia, he was nominated for Best Actor at the San Remo Film Festival.

A Few Naveen quotes:

(On Sayid) “If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that the show’s completely unpredictable,” he says. “It’s constantly changing. But I sense something sort of spiritual about the character, that somehow there’s something in him that’s trying to atone for what he’s done in the past.”

“I’ve been playing the guitar since I was twelve,” he says. “If I had any other job apart from acting, that’s probably what I would have done.”
He adds, “I would have liked to have traded places with Jimmy Hendrix for a day just to have that kind of mind in terms of playing. There were things that Hendrix did that I think would be impossible for anybody else to get. They were things that will never happen again.”

“The highest compliment I’ve ever received is when people have come up to me and said, ‘I don’t watch TV, but I watch your show.’ That’s the best anyone could hope for.”

"I was always in trouble from an early age. I had a fraught relationship with my parents, who were very traditional. Doing plays at school was a joyous release."

"I've always been attracted to older women, because they know who they are," he says. "They look infinitely better to me."





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Special thanks to Nicole for the photos!



Special thanks to Nicole for the photos!


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